Central location in Europe

Situated between Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and across the UK, Belgium is the perfect country in which to set up our logistics base and headquarter because the country's infrastructure, skilled workforce and the IT opportunities.

One of our key reasons for being situated in Brussels in Belgium as a 'launch pad' is its location at the heart of Europe, lying between northern and Mediterranean Europe. Paris (an 80-minute train journey away), London (111 minutes), Amsterdam (113 minutes) and Frankfurt (202 minutes) are all less than 300 km away and Belgium's very highly developed transport network, comprising roads, waterways, railways and airports enables both passengers and freight to be transported quickly and easily, which finally assists us to reach the European market and deliver our BELGO bearings to our customers in reasonable leading times.

Another key component in Belgium's transport infrastructure is its many seaports, including Antwerp, the second largest European port and the fourth largest in the world. Since 2005, container transport in Belgium has been booming. Seaports, inland ports and logistics and distribution centres are seizing the associated opportunities with both hands and are growing rapidly.

Due to the all these positive factors given above, we are able to monitor delivery times and technical innovation enabling our customers to receive our BELGO bearings in a timely manner that meet your technical requirements on time and cost effectively.

Flexible service per your requirements

From specific packaging instructions and materials to batch size, we are able to deliver you our products per your instructions that meet your needs and budget.

Thanks to our comprehensive and flexible service, we do our best to provide you customized logistics service in terms of delivery method, varying sizes, packaging channel to meet your expectations from our logistics service.

Expert advise for national & international transportation

No matter whether you are experienced in national or international transportation, our logistics team provides you the best advise for the delivery method, delivery time, cost effective solutions and transportation documents, etc.