Thanks to our Belgo® Bearings, we provide a comprehensive range of precision products for the reliable and cost-effective support of rotary and linear motion for the manufacturers of textile machinery.

In this perspective, Belgo® Bearings are widely used by textile equipment manufacturers in spinning, printing, finishing, coating and drying applications. Non-woven applications include web forming, bonding and finishing. Our mounted bearings are commonly found in textile manufacturing facilities.

We both manufacture our standard and special design Belgo® Bearings and widely preferred as :

The benefits of our Belgo® Bearings : low amplitude, low noise, and long service life, excellent sealing performance and very low friction.

We manufacture a wide range of Bottom Roller Bearing for supporting bottom rollers in Ring spinning frames and Speed frames of textile industry Bottom Roller Bearings conform to International Standards Holders (locating caps) for these bearings are made suitable for various sizes of roller

In addition to our main Belgo® Bearing Types for Textile industry, we also manufacture many other type of bearings. To view our catalogue about Belgo® Bearings for Textile Industry, please click here