Pin-Oven Chains

Pin Oven Chains – a world of variety

Belgo pin-oven chains offer a number of benefits: wear resistant and treated with our special lubricant, drip-proof, suitable for high-temperature applications by this way you could reliably and safely convey for can making industry. There are three fixture versions to choose from (pins integrated in the outer chain plates, pins fixed using special nuts and split-pin fixture). Canmakers have a possibility to choose either flexible or snap-off transport pin versions.

Roller Chains

Roller chains with sawtooth plates wood processing industry iwis

We offer comprehensive range pf roller chains in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards. In addition to that we also manufacture and supply our special design Belgo chains. 

Connecting Link

We provide right connecting link for every chain roller such as; inner link, spring connecting link, connecting link cotter pin type, single crank link and double crank link

Conveyor Chains

Bush conveyor chain suitable for long conveyor distances iwis

As known, conveyor chains are mainly used to transport bulk goods and unit loads. Among our various chain offers, bush conveyor chains are generally used  in the aim of conveying which requires to be transported for long distances at low speeds. In addition to this offer, we also provide our rotary chains which are applied for heavy duty applications as well as our cranked links.

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