BELGO INDUSTRY is specialized in manufacturing high quality industrial products for the needs of industrial fields.

Thanks to our advanced technology and specialization in industrial products, which eventually bring high quality products in affordable prices and leading time.

Since we are located in the very heart of Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium and European Union, we have an advantage to deliver our products in reasonable leading times.

Our Belgo branded industrial products are engineered and manufactured in South Korea, Czech Republic, Switzerland and China according to ISO and DIN quality standards under our quality control for numerous industries, including steel, crane, general machinery, offshore, agriculture, etc. – standard or customized.

Our Belgo brand stands for the following words :

Bridge to Quality >>  Economical >> Latest Technology >> Guarenteed to Work >> Outstanding Performance

You can always count on our expert advice and flexible service.

Our European registered the trademark ''BELGO'' ensure you high quality and service in your industrial applications through the know-how and commitment of our experienced people that also help us to drive our growth into a sustainable business.